Perfect Arc Bundle: Free Little Arc or Felt Pillow

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Enhance your child’s playtime with our Perfect Arc, now available with a special offer. Choose a complimentary gift: the Little Arc Board for added fun or a light grey felt pillow for extra comfort. This limited-time bundle provides versatility and enjoyment, ensuring your child’s development and creativity flourish.

Perfect Arc & Little Arc

Wooden balanced board made in Greece. 

Perfect Arc: 88X33cm
Age: 2 to 100 years
Use weight: Up to 165 kilos
Material - Low formaldehyde emissions  plywood
Board weight: 3,5 kg
water-based Varnish

when on the ground as a bridge the top part is at 180mm from the ground

Little Arc 

Age: 0 to 3 years
Use weight: Up to 80 kg
Material - Low formaldehyde Beech Wood
Board weight: 1,6 kg
water-based Varnish

Light Grey Felt Pillow

Complete your Perfect Arc experience with our specially designed Felt Pillow, an add-on accessory that combines comfort and style. Available in a range of vibrant colors, this pillow is the perfect companion to elevate your balance board adventures to new heights of coziness and fun. Pillow for perfect relaxation on the wooden balance board. The child can enjoy a gentle shake, read his book, even fall asleep!

Fabric: OEKO-TEX Felt CFC free 
Made entirely in the EU