Clothing Rail, Grow


Store your child's clothes with style and enjoy a stunning accessory to your kid's Montessori bedroom.
Even in infancy, children strive for independence in everyday life. This wooden clothing rack is an amazing way to accentuate your kid's room decor or nursery decor.

Let them make their own decisions and keep their clothes in order themselves.
Durable; height adjustable in three different levels.

The products are delivered to the customer as fully assembled furniture, flat packed, with all necessary screws.

  Designed by: Sarah Hossli & Lorenz Noelle 

  • Teach life skills - self-dressing and organisation.
  • Promote independence.
  • Show respect towards the child - I respect you, I trust you and I will enable you to make your own clothing choices, often for little ones, it's a choice between one or two seasonally appropriate outfits.
  • Provide freedom and responsibility within limits in an age-appropriate way.
  • Help develop sense of self and self-pride.
  • Help develop self-expression.

    123x108x43 cm